Do you wear boxer briefs in your day-to-day life? Considering the first element of clothing you wear in your everyday life, innerwear is considered the last thing that we check or search for in our wardrobe.

Many guys spend their entire lifespan wearing the same type of briefs or drawers, day after day with little interest in swapping to some new-fangled style. For generations after generations, men have focused themselves on two options: briefs or boxers.

Let’s dump the traditional ways of thinking & analyse the reasons on why boxer briefs can beat the other underwear styles.

As the name suggests, boxer briefs are the lovechild of boxer as well as briefs. This is regarded as the most versatile style of underpants which is not at all revealing as briefs but offering all the support with an additional thigh-flying controls.

Let us read further to know more on the benefits of boxer briefs.


  • 1. Most supportive than any other styles of briefs.

  • 2. Works under all type of clothes – even under tight pants.

  • 3. Perfect for any athletic or sports activities.

  • 4. The coverage of boxer briefs prevents chafing.


  • 1. Comfort & confidence are boosted wearing this long leg boxer briefs

  • 2. Usually it’s seen that the boxer briefs have somewhere around 6-8inches of inseam for better stability.

  • 3. They give full coverage by keeping their comfortable fit day long, providing you a good look and a decent shape.


  • 1. Now-a-days love for boxer briefs amidst women grew. It makes men look muscly.

  • 2. It gives men a stunning look make them what is your conclusion?